Introducing Students of the Month for September 2022

The September 21 Board meeting provided an occasion to recognize students of the month for September. Both Principals Joy Houchen and Scott DeTray were pleased to introduce this month’s students.

From the Elementary School: 

Callan Hensley - Grade 5

“When the teachers think of a ‘Super Student’ and all that it exemplifies, they think ‘Callan Hensley’”, noted Principal Joy Houchen. “From the moment Callan joined our school, he has been a joy to teach. Callan asks thoughtful questions about what he is learning, participates with a smile, does his best at all times, and treats everyone around him with kindness and respect. His teachers and classmates alike know that Callan is truly a star!”

Chelsy Stys - Grade 5

“Chelsy is a bubbly, silly, thoughtful, hardworking, and creative student that her teachers love to have in class!” Mrs. Houchen noted. “Her excitement about every new lesson is totally infectious. Chelsy comes to class prepared to learn, is a great friend, and always has tons of new ideas to share with her classmates. She is a stellar role model and we cannot wait to witness more of her awesomeness this school year!” 

From the Middle School:

Aleah Archacki - Grade 6

Aleah’s favorite subject is math. She was singled out by her sixth grade teachers because of how well she has adjusted to middle school. “Her organization, class preparedness, homework completion, and adaptation to new procedures have all made for a smooth transition,” noted her teachers. “She radiates positivity and this will help her to successfully conquer any challenges that she will face.”

Vaya Pumphrey - Grade 7

Her favorite subjects are social studies and reading. She has been motivated to start the new school year on a good foot. She has been involved in her classroom and has been a positive influence on classmates. “She has a great personality and is a member of the girls’ Volleyball team.  She has a great attitude and her work ethic is contagious,” noted her teachers.

Karissa Tritsarolis - Grade 8

Her favorite subjects are science and social studies and she is a member of the Middle School Choir.  She hopes to become a teacher. “The motivation she displays is something to be admired. She's off to a great start this year and we cannot wait to celebrate all of her accomplishments this year,” remarked her teachers. 

From the High School: 

Isiah Lors - Grade 9

His favorite subject is science. He is a self proclaimed video game expert. “He is an absolute rock star,” said one of his teachers. “He constantly participates in class and helps classmates when they get stuck.”He is always doing his work. “He is totally driven,” said another of his teachers. “He is  interested in his education and success. He builds up the people around him and has a great attitude and work ethic while at school.” 

Mars Young - Grade 10 

They favorite subject is Art (ceramics).  They are a member of the Art Club and Model UN and plays the trombone and baritone in marching band and orchestra.  “They are a fantastic person all around,” noted they teachers. “They are even-tempered and a deep thinker, and passionate about things that matter. Compassion, confidence, intelligence, and dependability are all words that I think of when I think of Mars,” said one of they're teachers. 

Ricky Roch - Grade 11

His favorite subject is art (drawing). He is a member of the choir and thoroughly enjoys being in school. His teachers acknowledged that he has performed at a very high level thus far this school year, has completed each assignment, and earned an “A” on every subject. “We look forward to more work and more effort to continue his success,” they said.

Jack Bohning - Grade 12  

Jack’s favorite subject is computer science.  He is a member of the golf and bowling teams,the Spanish and Yearbook clubs, and plays the cello. He recently finished in the top ten in the Cuyahoga Valley Conference golf tournament.  “He will be a four-year letter earner on the golf team and this season has been his best so far,” noted his coach. “He has been a great senior leader to the younger golfers on the team and has been really helpful with their progress which speaks to the type of person that he is. ” 

Pictured: Vaya, Karissa, Jck, Aleah, Rocky, Mars, and Isiah along with Principal DeTray.


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