Staff Member Steps out of the Kitchen and into the Spotlight

As a cafeteria worker, Mark Chase is usually behind-the-scenes, but this month, he’s in the Staff Spotlight.  “Mark has worked hard to provide great options in the cafeteria for both students and staff,” said high school math teacher Kelsey Mason who nominated Chase. "He was instrumental in obtaining premium deli meats and using them to create amazing sandwiches every day with high-quality ingredients. And thanks to Mark, eating a salad for lunch is actually enjoyable. If you haven't tried his homemade croutons yet, hope he's nice enough to share his recipe!" 

Chase joined the district three years ago. In addition to making all of the sandwiches for the school cafeterias, he also manages the “Grab and Go” line during the lunch rush, offering assorted salads and sandwiches as well as hot bagels and yogurt parfaits.  

In his spare time, Chase enjoys cooking and gardening. He confesses that “plants and food are the love of my life,” and that can’t live without “good food and good friends.”  If he weren’t preparing tasty options in the cafeteria, he says he’d be a full-time caterer. He also has a collection of John F. Kennedy memorabilia. 

In addition to faithfully feeding legions of students and staff members, Chase’s allegiance to the Cuyahoga Heights Schools is a family tradition. He and his seven siblings are all Cuyahoga Heights High School alumni as is his father (Class of 1945) and his mother (Class of 1947). Chase is president of the Alumni Association and has been instrumental in organizing the annual all-alumni reunion celebrations held the third Saturday in September each year at Klima Gardens in Cuyahoga Heights.