Eighth Graders Promoted to High School

Sixty-four eighth graders bid adieu to their middle school years in a promotion ceremony in the Paul L. Baumgardner Auditorium on May 30. 

“It's an honor to be here with this group of students as they are promoted to high school,” said Guidance Counselor Audrey Labenz. She congratulated the students and parents for successfully navigating the middle school years and conveyed the middle school staff’s best wishes as the eighth graders continue their education in high school. 

Several students were recognized for their reputable character and exceptional accomplishments through the following awards:

Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Awards*

James Henley, Sophia Meklemburg

President’s Award for Academic Excellence**

Darion Bailey, Sadie Bollin, Sophia Cann, Connie Chen, Joee Cichocki, Addison Deka, Brody Domzalski, Marisa Drobnick, Evan Ellman, Avram Friedt, Emma Gasper, Laurel Gosnell, Ava Graewe, Sophia Harter, Julia Havlin, Brooklyn Hawkins, Lorielle Hodges, Sophia Jackson, Nolan Juhnke, Brody Mahoney, Sophia Meklemburg, Nathanael Melendez, Madeline Perconti, Madison Pflug, Josephine Ratkosky, Juliana Reed, Nevaeh Reyes, Caleigh Rusch, Cailey Sane, Skye Sutyak, Victor Torres

President’s Award for Academic Achievement**

Harper Deal, Nora Gannon, Laila Lengyel, Savannah Mandich, Kalyssa Nagle, Akzell Patz, Ryan Petsche

Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio Humanitarian Award

Sophia Birth

Congratulations to the Class of 2028!

Hunter Andrews

Darion Bailey

Sophia Birth

Sadie Bollin

Sophia Cann

Chaz Chech

Connie Chen

Jeremy Christensen

Joee Cichocki

Jakob Dabrowski

Harper Deal

Gavin DeBolt

Addison Deka

Brody Domzalski

Brooklynn Domzalski

Marisa Drobnick

Evan Ellman

Avram Friedt

Nora Gannon

Emma Gasper

Kyle Goines

Laurel Gosnell

Ava Graewe

Christian Griffith

Sophia Harter

Julia Havlin

Brooklyn Hawkins

James Henley

Nicholas Henley

Lorielle Hodges

Austin Hunter

Sophia Jackson                                                              

Grace Janezic

Nolan Juhnke

Jamieson Kammerer

Laila Lengyel

Brody Mahoney

Savannah Mandich

Michael Mauk

Sophia Meklemburg

Nathanael Melendez

Zander Meriwether

Kalyssa Nagle

Charles Nichols

Joseph Novak

Sophia Palmer

Akzell Patz

Madeline Perconti

Ryan Petsche

Madison Pflug

Vaya Pumphrey

Josephine Ratkosky

Juliana Reed

Nevaeh Reyes

Caleigh Rusch

Cailey Sane

Addison Stoltz

Paige Stoltz

Skye Sutyak

Nathan Tommer

Victor Torres

Nicholas Triscari

Alexis Unger

Liam Ziegenhagel

*This Ohio High School Athletic Association award, named in honor of the two-time Heisman Trophy winner from The Ohio State University, is given to one middle school female athlete and one male athlete at each member school for demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship, integrity, and ethics, and is the highest honor an athlete can achieve.

**The Presidential Awards are given to students who are graduating from elementary, middle or high schools that meet specific selection criteria including grade point average, academic achievement, outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment, or intellectual development in their academic subjects and/or other criteria determined by their school.