Putting Potatoes Through Their Paces

The Summer Olympics may be weeks away, but that didn’t stop students in Kaelyn Montgomery’s fifth-grade gifted math class from challenging one another in the Potato Olympics. The students created athletes by dressing up ordinary potatoes, giving them names and hobbies, and choosing a country for them to represent. They then measured their potato’s height, weight, and circumference. 

After an opening ceremony, they proceeded to the events, including gymnastics, weightlifting, basketball, bowling, the long roll, and diving. Throughout the competitions, the students used their math skills to calculate their potato’s performance.  For example, “The students calculated the weight and measured the distance in the long roll. They also measured the amount of displaced water from their dive splashes,” noted Montgomery. 

A closing ceremony with awards concluded the competitive events. To finish off the day, the students played potato toss and hot potato!