Board Recognizes Students of the Month

The Cuyahoga Heights Board of Education recognized the March 2024 Students of the Month at its March 27 meeting. They are as follows:

From Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School:

Lylah Beno - Grade 5

Lylah comes daily to school prepared to learn and with a great attitude.  She is always engaged in class, willing to ask questions, and otherwise participates. Her work is always on time. She pays attention to detail, especially in math. She is respectful to adults and considerate of her peers. When a friend is down, she is the first person to try and cheer him or her up. 

Wesley Barrett - Grade 5

Wes comes to school every day prepared to learn and with a positive attitude. He is a bright student who is passionate about his studies as is evident by his frequent participation and excellent grades. He is a responsible, successful, and a positive role model who shows leadership qualities in the fifth grade. . 

From Cuyahoga Heights Middle School:

Alyssa Tosado - Grade 6

Alyssa has an excellent work ethic in all of her classes and is intrinsically motivated by her desire to learn and improve. Moreover, Alyssa always brings a positive attitude to class and treats all of her classmates with respect and kindness. 

Enzo Kmetz - Grade 7

Enzo exemplifies the qualities of honesty, respectfulness, and diligence. Academically, he is determined and dedicated. He actively participates in his classes and is engaged throughout. He has a genuine respect for others and consistently treats classmates, teachers, and staff with kindness and consideration. 

Nolan Juhnke - Grade 8

Nolan is a conscientious student who takes advanced classes including Honors Algebra I. He is  honest, responsible, and has a positive attitude, all of which makes him a positive role model for his classmates. He is a team player who participates in football and travel baseball. He comes to practices and games with a determined attitude. He is respectful of his teachers, coaches, and support staff.  

From Cuyahoga Heights High School: 

Ben Armbrust - Grade 9

Ben has done an outstanding job in Honors Biology this year. He has truly mastered how to do well in this class and has remained at the very top of his class all year. He comes prepared for class, never complains, and always has his work done. He can be counted on to participate in class, even when the subject matter is challenging. He is also kind and helps others when needed.  

Blaine Koloini-Hunter - grade 10

Blain is polite, has a positive attitude about school, and is willing to assist others in class.  He completes his work on time and maintains good grades. 

Katie Buccier - Grade 11  

Katie is a hard working Algebra 2 student.  She completes all assignments on time, participates in all class activities, and performs consistently at a high level on assessments.  

Toran Cline - Grade 12

Toran consistently dedicates himself to using class time efficiently and often considers things from different points of view. “I always enjoy overhearing Toran’s thoughts and views as he works through partner assignments in class,” remarked one of his teachers. He is polite and considerate, and clearly expects to make the most of his education. He enjoys a challenge, welcomes feedback, and shows a willingness to learn.

Pictured:  Lylah and Wesley from CHES.