Pre-K Teacher Engages District’s Youngest Learners

March Staff Spotlight recipient Kyle Manfredonia prefers cheeseburgers over pizza, has a phobia about heights, and doesn't like it when people complain. Known for his calm demeanor, and carefree approach to life, Manfredonia professes that “worrying will not add a single hour to your life.” 

“He goes out of his way to treat all of his students fairly and is sensitive to students' and colleagues' thoughts and needs,” says colleague Lisa Osborne, who nominated him for the award. His colleagues acknowledge his ability to identify potential problems and quickly take action to prevent them from materializing. A creative and careful planner, he is forever striving to become a better teacher. And he never turns down a request to help someone in need.

It’s these qualities that best enable him to create fun and exciting lessons to keep Pre-K students engaged while teaching them independent skills. “Having fun with the students and watching as they realize what they are actually capable of,” is what Manfredonia says he most likes about his teaching role. 

Manfredonia joined Cuyahoga Heights Schools in 2011 as a teacher aide at the middle school/high school, then was named a Pre-K teacher five years ago. He has also coached football and basketball and is currently coaching softball. 

A person of deep faith, when he’s not engaged with the district’s youngest learners he most often can be found cooking, playing video games. and spending time with his family. This includes his wife, Makylia; son, Roman, age four; and daughter Rosaria, age 3. “Everything I do is for them,” Manfredonia concludes.