Board Recognizes Students of the Month for November

Last evening's meeting provided an opportunity for the Cuyahoga Heights Board of Education to recognize Students of the Month for November. A Board member presented each student with a certificate commemorating the occasion.

Recognized from Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School (CHES) were:

Molly Kapinski – Grade 5

According to her teachers, Molly has the ability to brighten up any classroom she enters. She is an extremely caring person who is always willing to help anyone with anything. She works very hard on her schoolwork and is an enthusiastic learner. She is polite to adults and peers both in and out of the classroom and makes good choices in all parts of the school day.  

Orin Green – Grade 5

His teachers say that Orin has been a wonderful addition to CHES. He tackles new challenges seriously, eagerly, and with a positive attitude. He shows perseverance in all that he does. He has a kind, caring, and friendly attitude that makes him a friend to all.  He consistently makes good choices throughout the school day. 

From Cuyahoga Heights Middle School (CMES): 

Chase Henry – Grade 6

Chase embodies many of the characteristics you would like to see in a CHMS student.  He actively challenges himself to do more than is expected and to study and complete challenging concepts. He is honest, kind, and hard-working, and is dedicated to his academic work. He is an excellent role model for other students.

Eli Lang – Grade 7

“Eli is an exceptional example of generosity in our school community,” said one of his teachers. “Each morning, he takes the initiative to deliver the morning announcements with a smile, ensuring students and staff start their day on a positive note.” He wheels the prize cart to and from convocation to make sure his fellow students are rewarded for their hard work and achievements. “Eli’s generosity helps to make our school a better community for all,” his teacher concluded.  

Alexis Unger – Grade 8 

Alexis brings a spirit of giving and compassion to everything she does. She is always willing to help others without expecting anything in return. She embodies what it means to be caring, empathetic and selfless. Her generosity is an inspiration to all.

From Cuyahoga Heights High School: 

Johnny Urbanic – Grade 9

According to one of his teachers, Johnny is conscientious and kind and consistently puts forth exceptional effort in the classroom.  He also does a good job balancing his schoolwork and his participation in boys’ basketball. 

Johnny Noah Tokar – Grade 10 

One of his teachers says that Noah always gives his best in class. He is always willing to help teachers or his peers in class without hesitation.  He is a role model for other students. 

Luci (Lucianna) Ross – Grade 11

Luci is the type of student that every teacher loves having in their class. She is

dependable, friendly, and always holds herself to a high standard of integrity. When given a challenge, she makes it her mission to go above and beyond. She volunteers to help when assistance is needed outside of the classroom. She is an outstanding person whose traits will serve her well in life.

Caden Buccier – Grade 12

Caden is a great kid and a PERFECT example of everything that a student should be for Student of the Month. He is smart, takes his time on assignments and tests, and gives 100 percent effort in everything that he does. Caden says hello to teachers when he passes them in the hallway  to a teacher when he passes them in the hallway and takes the time to ask others how they are doing . He is a role model that our younger students should look up to in all aspects.

Picture #1: Orin

Picture #2: Molly