Spring Show Celebrates Student Artists

More than 50 patrons turned out to enjoy the Cuyahoga Heights Middle School/High School Spring Art Show held from 5-7 p.m. on April 28 in the North Gymnasium. 


“This is an annual event held to celebrate the hard work of students in art classes and in creating and making art in general,” said art teacher Halle McPherson who, with the Art Club, coordinated the show. “This year's show was a success with a nice turnout from friends and family. It was a night to celebrate, and I am blessed to get to teach so many amazing students and work with such a supportive staff!

The exhibit featured more than 100 student works of art. Patrons were also invited to vote for their favorite artwork on display. The following students were recognized for their artistic talents: 

  • Best in Show: Nelia Akin (11th grade), “Trife” (black and red matte drawing)
  • First Place: Olivia Lesko (12th Grade), "Squid Eye" (Pastel Chalk Drawing)
  • Second Place: Janasia Bridges (12th Grade), "Weave" (Acrylic Painting)
  • Third Place: Ana Ratkosky (9th Grade), "Still Life" (Ebony Pencil Drawing)
  • Popular Artist: Caden Buccier (11th Grade), "Fish Whistle" (Ceramics)
  • Popular Artist: Ana Ratkosky (9th Grade), "Audrey Hepburn Pointillism" (Ink Drawing)
  • Honorable Mention: Mina Katona (11th Grade), "Mimicking the Master's: Gustav Klimt" (Oil Painting)
  • Honorable Mention: Caden Buccier (11th Grade), "Fish Whistle" (Ceramics)


Nelia Akin, is pictured with her artwork titled "Trife," which won the "Best in Show" award (black and red matte).

The winners from left the right, Nelia Akin (Best in Show, "Trife"), Olivia Lesko (1st Place, "Squid Eye"), Janasia Bridges (2nd Place, "Weave"), Ana Ratkosky (3rd Place, "Still Life," Popular Artist, "(Audrey Hepburn Pointillism"), Mina Katona (Honorable Mention, ("Mimicking the Master's: Gustav Klimt"), and finally, Caden Buccier, Popular Artist and Honorable Mention, both for "Ceramic Fish Whistle".

Mother and Daughter: Mina Katona with her "Honorable Mention" work of art titled "Mimicking the Master's: Gustav Klimt".