Board Recognizes Students of the Month

The Cuyahoga Heights Board of Education recognized November Students of the Month at the November 16 meeting.  Recognized were the following students. 

From Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School:

Anthony Boggs - Grade 5

According to his teachers, Anthony is an extremely caring person who is always willing to help anyone with anything.  He has the ability to brighten up any classroom he enters.  He is polite to adults and peers in and out of the classroom. He works very hard on his schoolwork and is an enthusiastic learner.  He consistently makes good choices in all parts of the school day.  

Isabella Simerale - Grade 5

Isabella (Bella) has been a wonderful addition to the elementary school, her teachers say.  She takes a serious, yet positive approach to tackling new challenges and shows perseverance in all that she does.  She is  kind, caring, and friendly which makes her a friend to all.  She consistently makes good choices in all parts of the school day.  

From Cuyahoga Heights Middle School:

Kylee Todd-Kochis - Grade 6

Kiylee’s favorite subject is math and she also participates in choir.  She is always generous with her time in helping her classmates. She always models appropriate behavior in class. Outside of school, Kiylee plays soccer year-round on an indoor and outdoor soccer team and practices archery for fun. She has two aunts who are graduates of Cuyahoga Heights High School. Her career goals are to become a doctor. 

Paige Stoltz - Grade 7

Paige’s favorite class is science. She plays volleyball, basketball, and softball and is in the choir.  In class, Paige has exemplified the qualities of generosity and kindness. She is quick to offer assistance to classmates and staff. She has a positive attitude towards learning  and always has a kind word. Outside of school, she enjoys cooking. She aspires to be a cosmetologist.

Raven Rhea - Grade 8 

Raven’s favorite subject is choir.  She is a member of the Art Club, Choir, and plans to audition for the spring musical. She is talented with special effects and does makeup for her friends during Halloween. She is always showing generosity to her classmates by allowing them to use her computer charger and personal school supplies.  Many times, she doesn’t wait to be asked, but offers to share out of pure kindness. Since last school year, her teachers have seen an increase in her motivation and work ethic. Outside of school  she can be found drawing, playing electric guitar, writing her own music, or enjoying being with her four pets, including one dog, two cats, and an axolotl (a type of amphibian).

From Cuyahoga Heights High School:

Isa Melendez - Grade 9

Isa enjoys all of her classes equally.  She is also a member of the choir, orchestra, Art Club, and the gymnastics team.  Her teachers say she is a very respectful and kind student and is highly dedicated to school and her own success. She is highly deserving of recognition among her peers, even among the wonderful group that is the 9th grade. Outside of school, Isa likes to paint, draw, play the guitar, and read.  She hopes to become a pediatrician some day. 

Isabella Passalacqua - Grade 10

According to her teachers, Isabella is a silent leader and is a role model for her fellow classmates. She is respectful, works very hard, and is always asking questions when she doesn't understand something. Her favorite subject is English. She is also a member of the Art Club.  Outside of school she enjoys reading mystery books.  She plans to become a nurse someday.

Jayden Koloini-Hunter - Grade 11

Jayden is off to a great start this school year.  She is diligent and confident and is one of the top students in Algebra II.  In fact, her favorite subjects are Algebra and Geometry.  She is enrolled in the cosmetology program at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center and has been a member of the Bowling Team for the past two years.  After high school she plans to work in real estate and own her own hair salon. 

Hyatt Taylor - Grade 12

Hyatt is a dedicated and hard worker. He asks such in-depth questions after lessons, that it really illustrates his level of intelligence and need for understanding. He is helpful to others in the classroom on challenging subjects, and consistently has a positive attitude (even when things get hard). He is a great role model to his peers. Hyatt is very involved in school activities.  He is Co-President of the Marching Band, Co-president of the Spanish Club, Founder of the recycling club, Treasurer of the Art Club, Treasurer of National Honor Society, and is a member of student council, jazz band, and honors band. He also is a pole vaulter for both the indoor and outdoor track team.  Outside of school, he is involved in community service groups, zoo crew, and he volunteers at a vet clinic. Hyatt plans to have a career as a conservationist or scientific researcher.