New Members Inducted into Honorary Societies

On Sunday, April 10, Cuyahoga Heights Schools inducted 37 outstanding students into the National Honor Society (NHS) and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) in the Paul L. Baumgardner Theater of Performing Arts.   

Established in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize high school students. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

“As part of the process, applicants had to write a brief essay about someone from history or the present day who they respect as a leader. Students wrote about everyone from family members to school staff members to famous politicians and athletes,” said Advisor Megan Neville.  She noted that all combined, the inductees completed more than 600 service hours to their school and community. 

As part of the ceremony, inductees took the NHS Pledge to be true to the society’s four pillars and to be loyal to their school. Those who took the oath included the following:  

  • Nadia Allen (Grade 10, Cleveland)
  • Zachary Caleris (Grade 10, Cuyahoga Heights)
  • Raymond Chen (Grade 10, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Francis Connors (Grade 10, Valley View)
  • Cade Davies (Grade 10, Broadview Heights)
  • Amy Ellis (Grade 10, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Reece Frank (Grade 10, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Ava Galek (Grade 10, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Sarah Glenn (Grade 10, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Giovanni Iacobucci (Grade 11, Seven Hills)
  • Julia Jaenke (Grade 10, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Georgia Kattler (Grade 10, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Lauren Kattler (Grade 10, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Angelina Kondash (Grade 10, Garfield Heights)
  • Hayes Kwong (Grade 10, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Charles Lakus (Grade 10, Valley View)
  • Danielle Mach (Grade 10, Seven Hills)
  • Francesca Ross (Grade 10, Valley View)
  • Bradyn Rusch ((Grade 10, Valley View)
  • Marissa Ulery (Grade 10, Cuyahoga Heights)

Another 17 middle school students were inducted in the National Junior Honor Society. Established in 1929, also by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, NJHS recognizes outstanding students in the sixth through ninth grades.  Selection is also based on the same four criteria. These students took the NJHS Pledge to uphold the high purposes of the society, to be loyal to their school and to encourage the high standards of the four pillars. 

Those inducted into the NJHS included the following: 

  • Marco Chieffallo (Grade 8, Valley View)
  • Daniel Cichocki (Grade 8, Valley View)
  • Gavin Cline (Grade 8, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Reilly Conte (Grade 8, Valley View)
  • Kelia Goines (Grade 9, Parma)
  • Hannah Jasany (Grade 8, Garfield Heights)
  • Anthony Kondash (Grade 8, Garfield Heights)
  • Andrew Kurta (Grade 8, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Antonio McCladdie (Grade 8, Valley View)
  • Isabella Passalacqua (Grade 9, Seven Hills)
  • Anastasia Ratkosky (Grade 8, Valley View)
  • Ryleigh Ressler (Grade 8, Garfield Heights)
  • Bryce Rusch (Grade 8, Valley View)
  • Skylar Sane (Grade 9, Valley View)
  • Emilee Sanicky (Grade 9, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Connor Stopar (Grade 9, Brooklyn Heights)
  • Samantha Vallee (Grade 8, Brooklyn Heights)

Following the program, a brief reception, hosted by previously inducted NHS members, was held to celebrate the induction of the newest members. Those in attendance included Superintendent Tom Evans and Board of Education President Mark Dobbins.  

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