Elementary Students Dig Planting Project

Autumn is all around us, but students in Barb Curry’s science classes are thinking spring. During mid-October they were hard at work planting 120 tulip and daffodil bulbs in the school garden located near the lower back playground.  First, second, and third graders learned how to use a trowel and dig 6-in. holes for the bulbs.  They used a tape measure to be sure of the depth.  They also learned to plant the bulbs pointy side up and that they will need to water them for the next three weeks. 

“The bulbs were planted in the fall for two reasons,” Curry explained to her students.  “First, they need time to develop strong roots and second, the long period of cool temperatures (over winter) initiates a biochemical process that will cause the bulbs to flower.”  The children are hopeful that their efforts will pay off with bountiful blooms bursting forth in the spring.

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