Kindergartners Use Hands-On Activity to Learn About Their Community

Visitors to the Kindergarten wing of Cuyahoga Heights
Elementary School will witness students using a creative, hands-on activity to learn about the community they live in. As part of a Geography/Social Studies unit in Mr. Matt Luginbill’s classroom, students are learning about the relationship between a street address, city and state by constructing a close-to scale map of all three villages in the district, as well as communities resided in by tuition students. With the assistance of teachers and staff, the students are creating the classroom-wide map using sheets of white paper and other classroom materials to designate streets and important landmarks such as village halls, local businesses including Charter Steel and community parks. Students have also constructed small wooden houses with a map of their bedroom inside. Once finished, each house is labeled with the student’s home address and placed on the correct street designated on the classroom-wide map. Overall, the students greatly enjoy learning about their community, and are excited to display their constructed houses to staff and classroom visitors. Congratulations to our Kindergartners for their creativity and impressive work!
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