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The Spring Strings Concert was on Thursday, May 18 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. It was a wonderful celebration of the efforts of our string students grades 4-12.
If you missed the concert, you would like to experience parts of it again, or you would like to share it with family or friends it is on the school youtube channel.
Save the Date - Electrify Your Strings will return to CHS on March 5, 6, 2018.

Here is the link if you would like to view the experience:
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Posted Thursday, May 25, 2017

Elementary students had a blast participating in a wide variety of fun, hands-on experiments during Science Day on Thursday, May 18th. The all-school event, which was coordinated by the Elementary Science Department and conducted by classroom teachers, gave students the opportunity to make “dinosaur fossils” and “elephant toothpaste,” construct a model Stegosaurus skeleton, take a ride on a hovercraft, dissect owl pellets, build helicopters and parachutes, and participate in many other engaging science-themed activities. 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms also participated in the annual Egg Drop Competition, which tests the effectiveness of egg-protecting contraptions previously constructed by students, by dropping eggs from a variety of heights. The final drop occurred from the library window! Congratulations to our wining student-scientists Anthony Grissman, Jackson Justice, Hiedi Stiegelmeyer, Nick Nemeth, Aurora Robinson and Elianna Eck!

In addition to promoting STEM based learning, Science Day gave students a chance to support Kick it For Kids with Cancer, a national organization dedicated to raising money to fund children’s cancer research. This was accomplished in partnership with the Cleveland Eye Clinic, which provided students free ice cream from its Mr. iSee® ice cream truck during the Science Day activities, in exchange for donations to a local chapter of Kick it For Kids with Cancer. Altogether, students at the Elementary School raised a total of $908.61 in donations – the most money raised by any Cleveland area school in the history of the Mr. iSee® ice cream truck charity program!

The district thanks the students and staff at Cuyahoga Heights Elementary for helping to make this year’s Science Day a success.

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Posted Wednesday, May 24, 2017

In March Spanish students took the National Spanish Exam (NSE). The mission of the NSE is to recognize student achievement and to promote language proficiency in the study of the Spanish. This rigorous test was given to a total of 169,697 students in the Spring of 2016.

This year, Cuyahoga Heights is proud to announce that 21 of our own high school students earned awards of distinction based on their language skill ratings in vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension. Any student earning a medal is also eligible for senior scholarships, global citizen scholarships and junior travel awards.

Earning a silver medal (85th – 94th percentiles) are Matthew Blake and Mara Voytek.

Earning a bronze medal  (75th – 84th percentiles) is Lauren Adamo.

 Matthew Blake Mara Voytek Lauren Adamo

Earning a national honorable mention (the 50
th through 74th percentile) are: Darci Bundus, Katherine Davis, Tifany Garic, Jade Kapis, Bernadette Menkhaus, Emma Morrow, Caileigh Dalton, Kelly Orlowski, Julia Patterson, Meghan Bowden, Katina Tritsarolis, Nicolette Krocker, Megan Pech, Jordan Sturgill, Ada Gee, Eric Holler, Alexis Martin, and Madison Pazey.


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Posted Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Students at Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School recently had the opportunity to attend the Spring Scholastic Book Fair, which was sponsored by the Cuyahoga Heights Elementary PTO. The book fair was held Tuesday, May 2nd thru Thursday, May 4th in the gymnasium. A wide variety of books for all elementary grade levels were available, including picture and chapter books, as well as posters and colorful pens and pencils. A buy one, get one (BOGO) sale was featured as well to give students the ability to purchase more educational and exciting books for not only themselves, but to share with family, friends and other classmates. The three-day event was a great way to promote student literacy and helped raise money for the Elementary School PTO, which received a share of total book fair sales. The Scholastic Book Fair is held three times throughout the school year and brings much excitement from students. Cuyahoga Heights Elementary School would like to thank all PTO members and volunteers for sponsoring the Spring Scholastic Book Fair and providing an opportunity for our students to pursue their love of reading.

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Posted Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Visitors to the Kindergarten wing of Cuyahoga Heights
Elementary School will witness students using a creative, hands-on activity to learn about the community they live in. As part of a Geography/Social Studies unit in Mr. Matt Luginbill’s classroom, students are learning about the relationship between a street address, city and state by constructing a close-to scale map of all three villages in the district, as well as communities resided in by tuition students. With the assistance of teachers and staff, the students are creating the classroom-wide map using sheets of white paper and other classroom materials to designate streets and important landmarks such as village halls, local businesses including Charter Steel and community parks. Students have also constructed small wooden houses with a map of their bedroom inside. Once finished, each house is labeled with the student’s home address and placed on the correct street designated on the classroom-wide map. Overall, the students greatly enjoy learning about their community, and are excited to display their constructed houses to staff and classroom visitors. Congratulations to our Kindergartners for their creativity and impressive work!
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Posted Tuesday, May 9, 2017
The latest episode of CHTV is now available for viewing on the district’s website, and spotlights 6-12 Assistant Principal and Co-Curricular Director Mr. George Burich. Viewers will have the opportunity to learn more about Mr. Burich’s teaching experience and day to day responsibilities as 6-12 Assistant Principal and Co-Curricular Director for the Cuyahoga Heights Schools. The interview also provides parents and community members the latest news regarding the ongoing renovations to Bacci Park, and the exciting opportunities provided to our students. A special thank you to George Burich for participating in this production of CHTV.
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Posted Monday, May 8, 2017
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